Washington, DC – U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) issued the following statement:

“Any Russian efforts to influence the results of our election should be of grave concern to every American, and must be fully investigated. Attacks on America’s democratic institutions by a foreign nation simply cannot be tolerated.

“A bipartisan group of Senators led by John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Chuck Schumer, and Jack Reed are seeking a Congressional probe into Russia’s efforts to influence last month’s election.

“I join the call for Congress to form a bipartisan select committee to investigate Russian interference in our election and will do everything I can to support to it.

“This isn’t about who won or lost in November – it’s about preserving the integrity of our democratic system and faith in our governing institutions. The President-elect should not dismiss the CIA's work in 140 characters; he should heed warnings from our intelligence professionals and support efforts to get to the bottom of this serious threat. Nothing less than our national security and democratic institutions are at stake.

“Protecting American democracy is a calling far higher than party, politics, or the President-elect's personal preferences. Congress must act swiftly and decisively to investigate Russia’s actions. I will continue to push for this and for other efforts that defend our nation against any type of attack.”