WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Cory Booker delivered remarks on the Senate floor to discuss the impact of expanded child tax credit payments for families with kids and the need to make these benefits permanent.




Key Excerpts


“We have a big thing happening tomorrow, when the vast majority of families with kids across the country will start seeing more money in their bank accounts every [month] for the rest of the year.”


“This policy means stability, it means help is on the way, it means hope is here.”


“For middle class families trying to stay afloat, lower income families desperate to make ends meet, families living in poverty, struggling to put food on the table, tomorrow is a new start.”


“I will fight alongside my colleagues to see that this is not a one-time benefit for one year but a permanent change…we in America have to make this country live up to its promise to every child that we are the cornerstone of the idea of the American dream, that we are the most fertile soil for which a child to thrive, that we love our children not just in words, but in the policies we make.”