WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued the following statement:

“To deny refugees the ability to seek sanctuary in the United States is to deny our very history.

“For centuries, our nation has stood as a beacon of hope for people cast out of their native lands by violence, terror, persecution, and oppression. The base of the Statue of Liberty itself – the ‘Mother of Exiles’ – welcomes ‘the homeless, the tempest-tost’ and the ‘huddled masses, yearning to breathe free." 

“President Trump’s fundamentally un-American executive order stands in dark contrast to these ideals, promotes the false idea that people of certain nationalities and religions are inherently suspect, and runs against the founding principles and core values of our country. I am deeply troubled that the president would sign an executive order that shamefully and blatantly targets Muslims‎.

“It is just plain inconsistent with fact and reality to think that the comprehensive, often years-long vetting process in place for refugees is somehow inadequate. Instead of making us safer, this order actually undermines our national security, damages our reputation as a global leader, and needlessly fosters conflict. 

“By painting persecutors and their victims with the same broad brush, America's immigration policy will now alienate entire nations and their people, help our enemies spread propaganda about the United States, and aid radicals and violent extremists in their recruitment efforts.

“The United States must remain a place of refuge for those seeking safety and liberty. When our policies reflect our values we are stronger as a nation and more secure. Because the president's executive order would close the door on refugees and roll back fundamental rights, I will fight it every step of the way.”

Sen. Booker has been an outspoken critic of Trump proposals that target immigrants, refugees, and religious, racial, and ethnic minorities.

Earlier this month, Sen. Booker introduced the Protect American Families Act, legislation that would prohibit the creation of any immigration-related registry program that classifies people based on their religion, race, age, gender, ethnicity, national origin, nationality, or citizenship.