WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) issued the below statement following tonight’s State of the Union Address by President Trump:

“What we saw from the President tonight was more propaganda, demagoguery, and bluster when what we need is leadership, character, and courage. The President has a distorted view of the world and one that is wildly out of step with reality and facts.”

“In order to lead the United States, you have to be able to unite people – and regardless of what he said tonight, this President clearly has no capacity or interest in doing that. In reality, President Trump has demonstrated a remarkable ability to divide people and pit Americans against one another.”

“He’s also shown little regard for the tens of millions of Americans who are worried about how to make ends meet. He has worked relentlessly to craft policies – like the Trump tax bill – to protect and grow the wealth of large corporations and the richest among us at the expense of everyone else. Hardworking New Jerseyans and Americans across our country will bear the burden of this president’s warped economic policies.”


“Tonight’s address offered plenty of rhetoric, but no tangible solutions or blueprints for any of the challenges we face as a country. It only proved something we already know – President Trump can pause his Twitter habits long enough to deliver a prepared speech to a national TV audience, but isn’t doing anything real to bring us together or improve the lives of everyday Americans.”