WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) issued the following statement:

“The next Secretary of State must be someone who unflinchingly advocates for America's best interests and values, and who has the full range of skills and experience necessary to take on the world's most difficult challenges.

“I carefully weighed ‎the nomination of Rex Tillerson, reviewing his record, meeting with him personally, and listening to his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 

‎”I remain deeply concerned with Mr. Tillerson's answers to several lines of questioning. He has not sufficiently explained ExxonMobil's lobbying against sanctions on Russia or his company’s hostility to U.S. laws requiring greater financial transparency and stronger human rights standards. Mr. Tillerson's comments on a possible religious registry, and the potential consequences of such a registry in working with our allies to further U.S. national security interests also left me unsatisfied. Finally, his inability to answer questions on ensuring regular press access to the work of the State Department left me with concerns about Mr. Tillerson’s commitment to the transparency of the department he will lead, and his support for press and media freedom around the world.

“Recent statements from President-elect Trump describing NATO as ‘obsolete’ and his attacks on the politics of our closest allies further cements my view that America needs a Secretary of State who will project confidence – not further insecurity – about our motives and values.

“America is a beacon of democracy and hope to the world. I do not believe that Mr. Tillerson is the right choice to ensure that this legacy continues. ‎For these and other reasons, I will oppose his confirmation.”