Washington, DC – U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued the following statement:

“The President’s announcement is nothing less than an abdication of American leadership that jeopardizes our national security, makes the world less safe, and increases the prospect of Iran developing a nuclear weapon.

“Make no mistake, I had concerns about the Iran nuclear agreement when I voted on it, but an imperfect deal with years remaining to conduct further diplomacy was and remains better than a nuclear-armed Iran. The President’s decision puts the U.S. in default of our commitments to the international community and our closest allies. It jeopardizes the ability of the IAEA to keep inspectors on the ground in Iran and maintain continuous monitoring of Iranian nuclear sites, putting the security of our allies, including Israel, at risk. And it is an unequivocal blow to our friends and a gift to our adversaries, moving the United States further down a path of isolation and retreat and adding further instability to the Middle East. That’s why countless national security experts of both parties, including retired military officers and former diplomats, have spoken out in support of remaining in the deal.  

“America’s commitments should be ironclad, and enforced. Instead of leading from a position of strength, President Trump has chosen weakness and political expediency, time and again, at the expense of American security and credibility. From walking away from a historic global climate agreement, to denigrating our closest allies in NATO, to now reversing course on the Iran deal, President Trump’s actions have been detrimental to global stability and maintaining peace in the world, and have left the American people worse off and at greater risk.”

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