HACKENSACK, N.J.— U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) today delivered remarks to the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey’s Security and Safety Summit, where he condemned recent anti-Semitic attacks in the state and across the country, and called for concrete action to better protect the Jewish community. Following the tragic shooting in Jersey City and recent stabbing in Monsey, today’s summit focused on unity, assurance, and education by bringing elected officials together to discuss how local, state, and federal leaders can deter and diminish the occurrence of anti-Semitism, hatred, and violence.


“This is something we must understand, that hate grows like a toxin, like an infection, like a weed and any signs of hatred, anti-Semitism must be met with resolute, unequivocal, determined force to stamp out hatred where it exists. In this great nation, it has no place.


“I’m honored to work in the U.S. Senate with Bob Menendez and our entire congressional delegation to join in a chorus of conviction that hate has no place in our state. But we also understand that we have to take official actions. It was Martin Luther King that said I can’t legislate you to love me, but I can pass legislation that will stop you from lynching me. I’m proud to stand with legislators from our state in taking concrete actions to keep our communities safe and strong, and to speak with conviction against anti-Semitism.


“This is a time in our state and in our nation with growing levels of anti-Semitic violence that no one should remain silent. This is a time that all of us should be speaking up and condemning the hate, celebrating our connection and allowing no shelter for those who want to divide our society against ourselves.”


Earlier this month, Booker, along with Sen. Bob Menendez and New Jersey Assemblyman Gary Schaer, called for a significant increase in government funding to help protect communities from targeted hate crimes and domestic terrorism. These grants support non-profits at risk, including synagogues, faith-based community centers, mosques, churches, and other religious institutions, to improve their safety and preparedness by increasing security.