WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez (both D-N.J.) released a breakdown of how the historic, $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed today in the U.S. Senate will provide record investments in New Jersey’s aging infrastructure to repair roads and bridges, expand mass transit, build the Gateway Project, replace water and sewer pipes, and increase broadband internet access.  The bill projects to generate more than two million jobs per year over the next decade and deliver billions to New Jersey in federal funding to address the state’s most pressing infrastructure needs. 

The legislation will provide an estimated $12.31 billion in guaranteed transportation and transit funding formula dollars for New Jersey over the next five years—the largest ever investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure.  The state will also receive a minimum $100 million to expand broadband internet access.  State formula funding for water and sewer infrastructure has yet to be calculated, and New Jersey can still compete for additional federal funding through other discretionary sources
·       Highways/Roads                                        $6,883,719,399
·       Bridges                                                      $1,146,780,115
·       Electric Vehicles                                         $104,373,268         
·       Ferry Service                                             $24,407,410
·       TOTAL                                                      $4,154,648,806
·       FY21                                                         $626,068,511
·       FY22                                                         $792,674,692
·       FY23                                                         $809,730,546
·       FY24                                                         $831,558,775
·       FY25                                                         $849,219,308
·       FY26                                                         $871,465,485
BROADBAND                                                 $100,000,000 (*min.)
The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act also includes additional infrastructure funding for federal programs that will benefit New Jersey, namely:
·       Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor (NEC)              $30,000,000,000
·       Capital Improvement Grants                      
o   Supplemental appropriation              $8,000,000,000
o   Annual authorization                         $3,000,000,000
(Note: Funding from these programs can be used to complete Gateway)
·       Airport Infrastructure Grants                        $15,000,000,000
·       Airport Terminal Program                            $5,000,000,000
 (Note: Funding is national over the next five years)
·       Drinking Water State Revolving Funds         $15,000,000,000    
·       Clean Water State Revolving Funds            $11,700,000,000
·       Lead Contamination in Schools                   $200,000,000
·       PFAS Contamination Remediation              $10,000,000,000
(Note: Funding is national over the next five years)

SUPERFUND/BROWNFIELDS                        $5,000,000,000
To clean up and revitalize polluted sites; New Jersey has the most Superfund sites in the nation

FLOOD RESILIENCY                                     
·       Flood Mitigation Assistance Grants             $3,500,000,000
(Note: Funding is national over the next five years)
WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE                  $3,500,000,000
To reduce energy costs for homeowners
CYBERSECURITY                                          $2,000,000,000
To modernize and enhance our nation’s cybersecurity capabilities