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[topics] [topic value="Academy Nominations" keywords="Academy Nominations, Academy Nominations, Recommendations, Letters of Recommendation, Naval Academy, Air force Academy, Military Academy, WestPoint, Army Academy, Academy letter, Letter for Academy, Annapolis, Coast Guard Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, Merchant Marine, Marine" url=""] [topic value="Agriculture and Nutrition" keywords="Agriculture and Nutrition, Agriculture policy, Farms, Cranberry production, Blueberry production, Food stamp policy, Farm Bill, Ethanol"] [topic value="Animal Welfare" keywords="Animal Welfare, Animal welfare, Abused pets, Pet adoption, Pet abuse, Dog adoption, Dog abuse, Cat adoption, Cat abuse"] [topic value="Armed Services" keywords="Armed Services, military, Enlisting, Enlist for military, Military issues, Defense policy, American troops, National defense, Armed services, Terrorism, Osama bin Laden, Al Qaida"] [topic value="Banking and Financial Services" keywords="Banking and Financial Services, Bailout of banks, Bank bailout, TARP, Troubled Asset Relief Program, Banking policy, Bank bonuses"] [topic value="Budget" keywords="Budget, Federal budget, Budget - federal government, Balanced budget, Deficit, Debt - US, National debt, Obama budget, China debt"] [topic value="Census" keywords="Census"] [topic value="Children" keywords="Children, Women's issues, Pregnancy, Adoption, Abortion, Right to choose, Right to life, Birth control, Contraception, Access to birth control, Obamacare birth control, Family support, Women's health, Women's access to healthcare, Family health, Family services, Children's issues"] [topic value="Consumer Protection" keywords="Consumer Protection, Consumer protection, Scam advertising, Reverse mortgages"] [topic value="Economy" keywords="Economy"] [topic value="Education" keywords="Education, School Tax breaks, Charter Schools, School choice, School districts, College Affordability, Student Loans, Education policy, Teachers, Student issues, Common Core, Obama education"] [topic value="Energy" keywords="Energy"] [topic value="Environment" keywords="Environment, Environmental issues, Keystone XL, Superfund Tax, Superfund Cleanup, Fracking, Oil, Gas tax, Cap and Trade, Energy regulations, Energy production, Coal, Fossil fuels, Renewable energy, Solar power, Wind power, Obama environmental agenda"] [topic value="Ethics" keywords="Ethics"] [topic value="Flag Requests" keywords="Flag requests, Flag flown over capitol, Capitol flag, Order flag, Get a flag, Fly a flag" url="/?p=flag_requests"] [topic value="Foreign Relations" keywords="Foreign Relations, Bergdahl, Ebola, Autism, Iran, Israel, Gaza, Palestine, Iran, Foreign Affairs, Diplomacy, Russia, Putin, Ukraine, ISIS / ISIL, Syria, Benghazi, Obama foreign policy"] [topic value="Grants" keywords="Grants"] [topic value="Guns and Crime" keywords="Guns and Crime, Criminal Justice reform, War on drugs, REDEEM Act, Expungement, Reform our justice system"] [topic value="Healthcare" keywords="Healthcare, Obamacare, ACA, Affordable Care Act, Health care policy"] [topic value="Help with Federal Government" keywords="Help with Federal Government, Welfare, Financial support, Government assistance, Government Benefits, Passport, Visa, Expedited Visa, Expedited passport, Passport for children, Passport for babies, Passport for kids, Passport cost, No fly list, Green card, Immigration status, Cost of immigration, New Jersey immigration, Visa, Cost of Visa, Veteran services, Small business tax breaks, Tax id number, Getting a tax id number, Business loans, Money to start a business, Tax breaks for small business, Small business, Small business in NJ, Small business grants, Federal funding for small businesses, Federal grants (should go to page on federal grants put together by CRS), Superfund sites, Superfund information, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Aid, Federal Aid for Sandy, FEMA aid for Sandy, Help with the government, Federal office help, Federal help, Government help, Jobs, Employment, Office jobs, Part-time internships, Full-time internships" url="/?p=agency_assistance"] [topic value="Housing" keywords="Housing, Low-income housing policy"] [topic value="Immigration" keywords="Immigration, Immigration policy, Illegal Immigration, Undocumented workers, DREAM Act, Obama immigration"] [topic value="Jobs and Labor" keywords="Jobs and Labor, Unemployment Insurance, Extend UI, UI Extension, Jobs and economic policy, Labor policy, National Labor Relations Board, Wages, Minimum wage, Unions, Labor unions, Right to work, Employee Free Choice Act, Card check legislation"] [topic value="Judiciary Issues" keywords="Judiciary Issues, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Judges, Nominated judges, Obama nominations"] [topic value="Letter Requests" keywords="Letter Requests"] [topic value="Marriage and Family" keywords="Marriage and Family, Women's issues, Pregnancy, Adoption, Abortion, Right to choose, Right to life, Birth control, Contraception, Access to birth control, Obamacare birth control, Family support, Women's health, Women's access to healthcare, Family health, Family services, Children's issues, LGBTQ, Gay rights, Marriage equality, Gay marriage, Hate crimes, Trans issues"] [topic value="Medicaid" keywords="Medicaid"] [topic value="Meeting Requests" keywords="Meeting Requests, Event request, Request meeting. Meeting with staff, Lobbying, Meet with Senator Booker, Senator Booker meeting, Invite Senator Booker, Request for school visit, Student request, Request for student meet and greet" url="/?p=meeting_requests"] [topic value="National Security" keywords="National Security, military"] [topic value="Postal Service" keywords="Postal Service, Postal issues, Post office hours, Post office closing, Mail delivery"] [topic value="Science and Technology" keywords="Science and Technology, Technology policy, Technology innovation, Science policy, Scientific research funding"] [topic value="Social Security and Medicare" keywords="Social Security and Medicare"] [topic value="Taxes" keywords="Taxes, Tax policy, Cut taxes, Raise taxes, Fair tax, Flat tax, Obama taxes"] [topic value="Telecommunications" keywords="Telecommunications, Net Neutrality, Internet Freedom, Spectrum, Local TV, Telecommunications policy"] [topic value="Tour Request" keywords="DC tour, Capitol tour, Request a tour, White house tour, FBI tour, Get a tour, How to get a tour, Request a tour, Tour tickets, School trip, Students visiting DC" url="/?p=tour_requests"] [topic value="Trade" keywords="Trade, International trade, Tariffs, China trade, Outsourcing, Free trade"] [topic value="Transportation" keywords="Transportation, Truck Safety, Transportation investment, Transportation policy"] [topic value="Veterans" keywords="Veterans, Veterans hospital, VA hospital, GI Bill, TBI Legislation, AL-TBI, Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury, Veterans' issues"] [topic value="State Redirect" keywords="State, Child services, Guardianship, Gaining guardianship, Losing guardianship, Receiving child support, Suing for child support, Need child support, Daycare, Free daycare, Daycare support, Reporting child abuse, Child abuse, Unemployed, Unemployment resources, Unemployment benefits, Child benefits, Starting your own business, Apply for llc, Apply for business license, Apply for Notary Public license, Apply for Drivers' License, Notary Public License, License, License plates, Drivers' license, Trucking license, Food license, Street vendor license, Motorcycle license, Renew license, Suspended license, Sandy flood insurance, Post-Sandy flood insurance, Energy Assistance, Medicaid Benefits, Energy Assistance, Medicaid Benefits, Food Stamp Benefits, SNAP Benefits, Arrested, Free Lawyer, Appointed lawyer, Sentencing, Not guilty, Innocent, Judge complaints, Police complaints, Police brutality, Judge complaints, Unfair sentence, Civil Rights violation, Report a crime, Abortion clinics, Open positions, Positions available, Unemployment Benefits" url="/state_redirect"] [topic value="Internship" keywords="Intern with Senator Booker, Employment with Senator Booker, Cory Booker jobs, Cory Booker internship, Senator Booker jobs, Senator Booker internship" url=""] [topic value="Press Request" keywords="Interview Request, Reporter, Interview, Student interview, Magazine interview, News interview, Communications, Communications team, Press contact, Contact for press" url="/?p=media_requests"] [/topics]

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