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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Senator Booker's website -- we hope you find it helpful.

Your personal privacy is important to Senator Booker.  The Booker senate office will not collect any personal information about site visitors unless you provide it to us. If you give us your email address, the office will not share it with any other individuals, businesses or organizations. Any zip code information you enter will be used to help give you personalized information specific to your local area.

To improve service to constituents and conform with the rules of the U.S. Senate, statistical information about your visit is stored automatically; however, this information will not identify you individually. Read more here.

This site links to many sites outside the U.S. Senate. When you visit one of these sites, you will no longer be on Senator Booker's site - please check the privacy policy of each new site you visit.

If you have questions about this privacy policy or other issues important to you, please contact Senator Booker here.