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Foreign Policy and National Security

National Security and Countering Violent Extremism
As a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Senator Booker plays a critical role in the Senate's efforts to keep America safe and secure.

Senator Booker has made countering the threats posed by terrorist groups a priority, and believes it is important for Congress to debate and vote on an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) against ISIS.

In early 2016, Senator Booker travelled with his Senate colleagues to the Middle East and Europe to discuss strategies for continuing to counter Iran's destabilizing activities and ensure that Iran is meeting its commitments as a part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

In winter of 2015, Senator Booker travelled to the Paris Climate Conference to represent the United States in bilateral talks concerning the effects of climate change on the international community and international security.

Senator Booker has worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to boost American responses to violent extremism, particularly in the digital and social media space. Senator Booker introduced a bipartisan measure, the Countering Online Recruitment of Violent Extremists Act, to leverage existing Department of Homeland Security (DHS) resources to counter violent extremism online. Senator Booker also worked with Republican colleagues to co-author The Combat Terrorist Use of Social Media Act of 2016 which requires the president to prepare a report on terrorists' and terrorist organizations' use of social media and a comprehensive strategy to counter terrorists' and terrorist organizations' use of social media.

Engaging with Strategic Allies
Senator Booker is a proponent of partnering with our critical strategic allies, and has proudly called for expanding American support for cooperative defense programs with Israel. Senator Booker will continue to be a staunch advocate for a strengthened relationship with Israel. In one of the Senator's first official trips abroad, Senator Booker travelled to Israel where he met with senior Israeli officials, members of Parliament and Israeli security forces to discuss America and Israel's shared democratic, economic and security objectives.

Senator Booker is honored to serve a state with one of the largest Indian-American diasporas in the country. Senator Booker will continue to work foster investment opportunities, create collaborations between our world-renowned higher education institutions, and cultivate the growing relationship between the U.S. and India, and New Jersey and India.