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If I enrolled in a plan last year, do I have to re-enroll for 2019?

Plans change every year, and the open enrollment period is an opportunity to ensure that you are enrolled in the plan that best meets your needs. Marketplace officials strongly encourage enrollees to explore all available plan options and update their household size, income, and other relevant information.  Shopping around and renewing your plan is easy and can take as little as a few minutes.   

If you do not take action to enroll in a plan by the December 15th deadline, you may be automatically enrolled in your 2018 plan or a similar plan if that one is no longer offered.  In addition, if your 2018 plan is discontinued and you are automatically enrolled in a similar plan, you may qualify for a special enrollment period where you will be able to enroll in a different plan for 2019.

By the time open enrollment begins on November 1st, you should have received a letter from your insurance company and a letter from the health insurance marketplace with information about some of your coverage options for 2019, including whether you will be automatically enrolled in a plan if you do not act by December 15th deadline.  You may contact the Marketplace Call Center if you have not received the marketplace letter and your insurance company if you have not received their letter.